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One facade system - many design variations

January 2017 - heroal has further developed its facade system heroal C 50 and created new design possibilities: In addition to much higher glass loads, sun protection solutions, "floating windows" and ventilation flaps can now also be integrated into the existing facade system. A new tool concept supports the processors in the best possible way.

Transparency is a trend

Large facades with as much light incidence as possible and narrow constructions with good statics - these requirements are met by every metal builder and are often the requirements of architects and investors. The heroal solution: heroal PS - tie-tensioning system. An invisible clamping device, which can reliably remove much higher glass loads with a 50 mm wide view in the facade. Thanks to generated pre-load, profiles can be loaded more heavily and otherwise usual steel elements or higher viewing widths for facades are not necessary.

Large-area glazing with invisible clamping device - heroal PS

Brace-tensioning system by heroal is arranged within the profile and builds pretension, which counteracts expected loads and reinforces the profile. Such pre-stressing of the profile can be individually adjusted to expected usable and service loads. In addition, weight of the glass can be increased once again by using heavy load carriers - now up to 800 kg can be removed in a 50 mm construction.

Floating window - an elegant solution for facade constructions

Combination of facade profiles with special frames of the window systems gives the impression of an elegantly floating window in the facade construction. This solution is now offered by heroal to its processors for heroal W 72 and heroal W 72 i window systems.

Sophisticated ventilation flap - heroal W 72 VF

heroal W 72 VF ventilation flap offers an unobtrusive possibility for fresh wind in airy heights. Heights up to 3 m can be reached - and with no guardrails. Proven heroal technologies, such as surrounding sealing frames, have been integrated into this system and create real added value.

Integrated sun protection from one provider

Textile sun protection heroal VS Z can be integrated into the facade thanks to its low winding diameter and is thus hidden. Only when it is needed, the building is effectively protected from the sun from the outside, and the feature is offered with different fabric colours and light penetrability options. From complete darkening to light shading, the fabrics can be chosen - even the ones free of PVC. Colour matching of the facade systems with the sun protection system is not a problem thanks to heroal in-house coating. All advantages of heroal powder coating can be optimally utilised. Even at high altitudes, this sun protection is wind-resistant. Its zipper system guarantees stability of the guide rails even on the edges and even in stormy seas. In addition to quick and easy assembly, another advantage is easy accessibility of the system should any repairs be needed.

New tool concept for processors

In addition to further developments on the facade system itself, the developers have also thought about processing and assembly of the heroal C 50 facade. A new tool concept, including the punching feature, has been developed. For example, all important machining operations can be punched with a new machine, and for a higher degree of automation in manual production, there is also a seal-inserter available.