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Lifting-sliding system for maximum transparency

January 2017 - heroal S 77 SL lifting-sliding system fulfils all the requirements in one system: maximum transparency and accessibility, easy to open and close, large widths and heights, as well as clear lines. New architectural design elements that balance design, the highest level of comfort and functionality.

Opening on the corner

The new joint design allows for a 90° opening angle. Addition of this opening variant where both wings can be opened creates a completely new passage area. This way, spatial design becomes a new individual and expressive element.

Maximum transparency and clear lines

Integration of fixed glazing (Monorail) instead of a fixed wing and the possibility of manufacturing all-glass corner solutions for interior and exterior corners allow for additional design variants that provide a generous sense of space.

Integration of an insert element in the variant rotary, tilt or ventilation flap in the fixed-glazed area is also immediately feasible; it provides for a ventilation area without opening the liftingsliding system. Thanks to its versatility, heroal S 77 SL system provides a solution for all types of opening and design variants as well as modular coupling.

Safe and controlled opening and closing

Closing and operating procedures can be done both manually and automatically. Despite considerable dimensions in terms of width and height, the system is gentle and safe to handle. For wing weights from 200 kg, a tension spring and handle damping support the handling. Use of the "silent close" wing brake, which decelerates the speed of opening and closing, also guarantees convenient operation. All these components are optional and assist the user at all times.

heroal ePower

The automatic system is driven by heroal ePower drive, which is powered by electricity storage. All components of the ePower drive are concealed in the wing so that only the control element represents the visible difference when compared to a standard lifting/sliding door. Alternatively, the sliding wing can be controlled with a remote control. The connection is achieved according to the principle of plug and play and permits safe mounting for immediate start-up. The power storage units are supplied with current via a cable connector. The drive can be extended by opening and closing monitoring. The new heroal ePower drive combined with heroal DS drainage system transforms the heroal S 77 SL lifting-sliding door into a large, completely barrier-free door with a zero barrier threshold.

Proven technologies for the best value

In addition to the proven heroal wing geometry, which meets all requirements for thermal insulation for all wing sizes and weights, the already known heroal technologies ensure the optimum performance properties of this high-quality system. In terms of air permeability and impact resistance, the efficient medium impact seal with 4 density planes and additional windstop allows for the best value. Thanks to multipoint locking, elements up to resistance class RC2 can be used.